Transformative Design: 8 Exclusive Ways to Create a Premier Web Design

A creative and transformative web design can improve the status and authenticity of a business online. With billions of sites on the internet, every business around the world aims to win in terms of design and overall visibility online.

Improving a web design can also lead to an improvement in search engine rankings and a better generated user experience. Quality coded designs that have no errors are known to sail smoothly and receive better grades on the web. A well-designed website will make a great first-time impression online and will also increase the chance of user interaction on page. Read below the 8 ways to create a transformative and premier web design for your business.


  1. Pre-Design Idea Board. A pre-design visual idea board is necessary to gather all pre-web design ideas from the start and generate a great visual of what elements are needed to complete the design of a website. Coding is known to be problem solving. Starting off with a strong idea of what a web design should exactly look like is a great way to cruise through the entire project very easily. Gather ideas for the idea board can be done by going out into nature and gaining some outdoor inspiration or just by researching the latest and most modern trends on the web. Award-winning website directories are great to browse and gain great web design inspiration.


Quick Tip: The Idea board should be a combination of all outdoor inspiration gathered and online inspirations. Select the most favored items to add to the idea board.


2.Advanced Photoshop Layout Design. Every professional web designer will always use photoshop to pre-design their layout. Photoshop gives a great outlook and an authentic visualization of the design. Creating a photoshop website mockup is a great way to start off with a new web design project or an existing re-design project.


Quick Tip: If you are looking for a specific color scheme for a website design and you need a certain color that someone else has, you may open up a website’s source to find the hex code and then add it to photoshop. If you like a color tone from a magazine, take a picture of the mag, load it onto photoshop elements CC and use the eyedropper tool to capture the color tone.


  1. Increase User Engagement ( UX/UI/SVG). Increasing user engagement on a web page can lead to great results for a website. As a result of increased user interaction on a web page, a website will flourish in SEO rankings and the bounce rate will drop. This bounce rate drop result will notify search engines that the website is actually useful and web visitors are spending a decent amount of time on the webpage. UX, UI, and SVG digital animations are the most advanced and creative forms in design. Digital animations that showcase a digital story on a homepage are known to instantly impress the first time visitor on page and generate a much better experience on the web page for the visitor.


Quick Tip: Every digital animation must have a meaningful story that is related to the brand and website. For even more user engagement, allowing elements that a web user can interact with will increase the chance of interaction on page.


4.Holiday Design Trick or Treats. Website users love websites that follow each holiday theme. Adding a temporary CSS stylesheet to a website representing a holiday, like Halloween ( which is coming up soon), will instantly make the web page feel more updated and user-friendly.


Quick Tip: Javascript or jQuery animations that are specifically used only for a particular Holiday coming up, like Halloween, will make a website much more interesting for the web visitor. A great design idea for Halloween would be a scary pumpkin patch load page with a foggy mist rushing from the sides. The imagery to get a pre outlook on this design can be created with photoshop.


5.Competitive Authentic Articles. A website that contains a blog section and has included over 100 blogs will instantly be much more expansive online. Authentic articles that are relatable to the websites main topic or business will instantly attract visitors that are interested in reading those certain topics. SEO ranks will also improve with constant unique blogging.


Quick Tip: New blogs should always be shared on social media websites to ensure another outlet of interaction and promotion online.


6.Layered Photoshop Imagery. Creative imagery on a website is one of the top ways that is known to improve the visual appearance of a web design. Instead of browsing stock images to add to the main homepage of a website, using custom imagery is the best way to have images that you only use and no one else has duplicated online. Website visitors love to see new items and custom images will defiantly make a website stand out online.


Quick Tip: Photoshop is one of the most powerful photo editing software today that provides visionary editing. Photoshop layers provide an extra dose of creativity and customization with photography creations.


7.Excellent Brand Identity Match. A business must have a complete brand identity prior to their website design creation. A companies brand identity should always match the website color scheme. This is a great way that fortune 100 companies use in order to create a memorable brand online.


Quick Tip: The newest color tone trend in web design is vibrancy. Bold and vibrant web color schemes are proven to make a loud and lasting impression on a website.


8.Minimalism & Flat Design. A simple web design holds a stronger meaning online. Web visitors have proven to favor and understand a minimal web design much more. The Minimal and flat design is known to be the most modern form of design. Modern minimal design is known to be very lightweight and has an overall faster performance which is always favorable for improving a user experience on page as well as SEO scores that categorize web performance as a ranking factor.


Quick Tip: Drop shadows, white backgrounds, bright color tones, mini animated motion effects, bold headlines, and geometric shapes are known to be the main elements to create a minimal and flat web design.


As mentioned above, website visitors are the quickest to instantly judge a business based on its web design. A transformative image online will quickly improve a companies overall appearance and quality online. Use the 8 exclusive ways provided above to create a premier and transformative web design for your website.



About Author: Ntw Designs is a web design company and digital agency that has experience in web design, brand creation, and brand research.

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