1000+ Best Free PSD Mockups

Are you in search of free mockup templates in PSD format? Then our online resource will certainly become your lifesaver! On this page, we provide a unique collection of free PSD mockups. Our experienced designers applied all their skills to fill this page with top-quality templates. The biggest advantage of this bundle is its diversity. Apparel, branding identity, gadget, and packaging mockups are just a few examples of what we can offer you. What’s more, our materials are easy to customize in Photoshop even if you have little experience using this program. Keep reading, and we’ll give you more reasons to download our PSD mockups!

Free Rain Jacket PSD Mockup

Download this Free Rain Jacket PSD Mockup package! The three detailed models in it are ideal for showcasing your brand’s outerwear. Tailored for apparel brands, marketing teams, and artists these samples are a versatile tool for presenting raincoat designs. The unisex medium-length jacket, with its stylish cut and realistic details, stands out as a professional […]

Free Beer Bottle PSD Mockup

Download our Free Beer Bottle PSD Mockup bundle! It’s a must-have tool for brewers, designers, or anyone seeking realistic presentations. The three models showcase a medium-sized glossy glass beer bottle. Its wide paper label and small neck label provide ample space for creative designs. Whether you prefer a classic upright display, a diagonal gravity style, […]

Free Tin Can Mockup PSD

Download our Free Tin Can Mockup PSD kit! Without a doubt, it’s a game-changer for producers, food brands, artists, or those in need of realistic and detailed displays. These samples feature a simple cylindrical tin can with a pull ring on its lid. For your convenience, there are various angles and styles available. Whether it’s […]

Free Soap PSD Mockup

Download the Free Soap PSD Mockup template kit, and use the three dynamic samples for an authentic presentation. Without a doubt, these models are ideal for soap manufacturers, designers, or anyone in the beauty and hygiene industry. The set showcases a simple rectangular soap piece with rounded angles in a realistic paper wrap. The first […]

Free Lipstick PSD Mockup

Download the Free Lipstick PSD Mockup collection! It features three dynamic samples for a lifelike presentation. Our set is essential for cosmetic brands, designers, or anyone in the beauty industry. The three models showcase a classic twist-up lipstick tube with sleek and rounded features, including a distinctive metallic ring. The first sample provides a side-by-side […]

Free PSD Poster Mockup

Download Free PSD Poster Mockup collection! This superb offer ensembles three adjustable, life-like templates. A real find for graphic designers, artists, or anyone looking to make a statement, these materials showcase a unique folded poster look. The play of light and shadows on the intricate folds creates a natural and attention-grabbing effect, making your art, […]

Free Packaging PSD Mockup

Download the Free Packaging PSD Mockup bundle! These custom-crafted, editable, and realistic models will easily bring your creations to life. Highlighting a flat square box, two sized rectangular boxes, and a chic business card, this set lets your creativity shine with versatile presentation options. The gravity-style arrangement adds a dynamic touch, while the third mockup […]

Free Stick Sachet Mockups PSD

Download Free Stick Sachet Mockups PSD!  For cafes, restaurants, and product designers, these three realistic samples certainly are a must-have. They showcase one to three sticks in gravity or a laid-back slanted style. Ideal for sugar or condiment branding, these models offer a true-to-life presentation with natural shading and precise plastic film texture. Utilize this […]

Free Wrapping Paper Mockup PSD Set

Download the Free Wrapping Paper Mockup PSD Set, and discover an excellent solution for presenting your latest creations! These versatile models bring packaging concepts to life from various angles. With them, you’ll showcase your artwork in a realistic and captivating manner. These samples surely are ideal for designers, artists, and marketers. Their bespoke advantage is […]

Free Trading Cards Mockup PSD Template

Download the Free Trading Cards Mockup PSD Template Pack, and elevate your designs! These realistic mockups offer a dynamic view of the cards from various angles, providing a lifelike representation. The distinct templates showcase both individual cards and packs. Therefore, they ensure versatility for different presentation needs. Designers, collectors, and businesses in the gaming and […]

Free Paper Box PSD Mockup

Download the Free Paper Box Mockup PSD pack! With it, you’ll access three editable mockup templates that feature a simple, rectangular die-cut corrugated cardboard box. Each mockup showcases the box from a different angle. While two samples display a single box, the third piece presents two closed boxes stacked on top of each other. Precise […]

A diverse collection of pro-level mockup templates

Whether you need a mockup template in PSD format for online sales or a design presentation, we can offer you hundreds of excellent samples. Don’t worry though, you will easily find the right piece since we’ve sorted our materials into almost twenty subcategories. All you need to do is pick the one in the drop-down menu, under the category “Mockups”. We keep working diligently, to add new fantastic templates to our collection every day!

Bring ideas to life with our realistic mockup templates

One of the critical advantages of mockup PSD templates is their realistic look. In fact, using detailed mockups can save you the need to take professional shots of an item. Despite the massive amount of materials available online, it’s not easy to find worthy samples. However, our resource offers you nothing but adjustable mockups of the highest quality. Thanks to careful attention to detail, these life-like PSD templates are perfect for commerce or visualizing your designs.

Save your time with easy customization in Photoshop

Since our mockups come with carefully organized and labeled layers, they are easy to adjust in Photoshop. There’s no need for you to have any advanced knowledge of the popular program – the editing process will be hassle-free. For example, if you pick one of our t-shirt templates, you can instantly apply your image or pattern to it. Besides, it’s possible to type any text and feature your logo on different parts of the item. Finally, you can change the color of every detail, including sleeves, hem, and stitches.

Excellent mockup templates for every need

Nowadays, presentation certainly matters just as much as a design project itself. Even though you could take professional photos or opt for 3D graphics, using a pre-made mockup template will save you lots of time and effort. Applying your creation to an object via smart layers literally takes a few minutes. However, it allows seeing all merits of the project and making some fast edits if need be. Besides, a client usually feels more appreciated when they see a neat and stylish presentation like this.

Download pro-level mockups for free

Although the world web offers an immense amount of mockup PSD templates, many of them are available at a fee. However, that’s not the case with our site! Here, on FreePSD we’ve assembled a broad collection of mockups that you can use free of charge. The goal of our team is to deliver a quality, adjustable sample to every business owner or artist. Simply pick an apt mockup, and download its archive on your device in just one click.

Pick an ideal mockup for business and personal projects

One more thing we’d like to mention is that our materials are available both for personal and commercial use. You can download, adjust, and use these templates to promote your products or present new design projects to customers. We’d highly appreciate you attributing to our resource by providing a link to this site. Now, pick your perfect mockup – it will surely bring you success!