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Free Hotel Towel Mockup PSD

Download Free Hotel Towel Mockup PSD bundle! Each of the three models in it showcases casually folded terry cloth towels. Simple straight sides and neat seams offer a genuine hotel feel. In the first sample, two towels overlap slightly which ensures a dynamic perspective. Meanwhile, the second template presents a frontal view of a single towel to add depth. Lastly, the third model offers a top-down angle, capturing the towel’s unique bend. With exemplary logo and lettering designs, these materials cater to various branding needs. This set elevates branding and presentation efforts thanks to their accurate texture imitation and natural shadowing. Our mockups are optimal for graphic designers, marketers, website showcases, social media campaigns, or product catalogs.

Free Hotel Towel Mockup PSD

How to adjust this mockup PSD pack in Photoshop?

To personalize this towel mockup kit in Photoshop, you have several options. Firstly, you can easily replace the exemplary logo and lettering with your branding elements. Secondly, adjust colors and hues to match specific brand palettes. Besides, effortlessly resize and reposition elements such as logos for a personalized look. Additionally, experiment with different lighting effects and shadows to enhance realism. Furthermore, consider adding custom textures or patterns to the towels. Lastly, incorporate additional elements like decorative accents or background images to make these materials suit diverse project needs.

Why download Free Hotel Towel Mockup PSD?

Download this Free Hotel Towel Mockup PSD collection! It’s a must-try for marketers, artists, and hoteliers. The three life-like models deliver unparalleled realism for website showcases, social media campaigns, and product catalogs. With a free license and free availability, the kit caters to various project needs without breaking the bank. Additionally, users can seamlessly integrate their branding elements and customize details in Photoshop. To conclude, whether you’re designing for a luxury hotel or promoting a towel brand, these models provide the perfect canvas for your creativity.


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Free Towel Mockup

Don’t hesitate to use this free Towel mockup for your online store or any other projects. The superb resolution and tiniest realistic details make it look just as awesome as a professional photo. You can try out any colors and add your own patters or a unique design using Adobe Photoshop.

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