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Free Shampoo Bottle PSD Mockup Set

Download our Free Shampoo Bottle PSD Mockup Set! It features three incredibly lifelike samples that will elevate your packaging presentations. In the first model, you’ll find a glossy, fully transparent bottle. It gives a sneak peek into the shampoo inside, complete with tiny bubbles for added realism. Besides, the non-transparent screw-on cap includes a child-resistant click lid for safety. As for the second sample, the bottle takes on a matte texture, while the cap remains slightly transparent, and offers a different aesthetic. Finally, in the third template, both the bottle and its cap boast a glossy finish. This combo surely is ideal for a sleek and modern presentation. Whether you’re a graphic designer visualizing fresh cosmetic packaging designs or a brand showcasing your shampoo products, this kit is your go-to.

Free Shampoo Bottle PSD Mockup Set

How to customize this PSD mockup bundle in Photoshop?

Firstly, replace the default label design with your creation using smart objects. Secondly, tweak the bottle’s palette and texture to match your design vision. Additionally, experiment with lighting and shadow effects to enhance realism. Moreover, resize elements to tailor the samples to your project requirements. Finally, don’t forget to edit the blank setting. These smart features will make personalizing the templates hassle-free. As a result, you’ll tailor faultless visuals in no time. Whether you’re a pro or a novice, this pack offers endless editing possibilities.

Why download Free Shampoo Bottle PSD Mockup Set?

Download this Free Shampoo Bottle PSD Mockup Set, and get ready to enhance your packaging game. Whether you’re showcasing new shampoo products or updating your portfolio, these materials are a must-have. Lifelike textures and editable features make them ideal for creating impactful visuals. Best of all, they’re available for download at no fee and offer a complimentary license. Easily personalize this kit in Photoshop to match your brand aesthetic with just a few clicks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create outstanding visuals and impress your clients.


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