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20+ Free Awesome Mockups

As the popularity of photo-realistic PSD mockups keeps growing by day, the Internet offers a great number of such files. That’s no surprise as using a quality editable mockup can save you plenty of time, money and effort. Forget about taking professional shots of each item in a studio and editing them – now basic knowledge of Photoshop is enough to prepare cool content for your store or a website.

In this compilation we’ve gathered 20+ fabulous mockups that can amaze and inspire you. Crafted by pros from such great websites as all files are fully customizable, free and waiting for your download. From burgers and a skateboard to a backpack and a baby bottle – you’ll find all this and much more on our superb list!

Basketball Jersey

A comfy jersey is a must-have for everyone who adores basketball! Use this kicky mockup to score with your sales or other goals. Although the yellow color looks eye-catching, you can change it and apply any design in Photoshop.



We all love the soft touch of a towel on our skin. A fresh towel mockup presented here can amaze anyone with its realistic look. Save this file, to apply any colors and patterns. You’ll surely enjoy customizing it for your needs.



We guarantee that any skateboarding fan will be dazzled with the cool look of this free sample. Presented from different angles, the skateboard mockup will come in handy for different projects. Save this file for free, and have a smooth ride adjusting it in PS!

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Admit it – you can’t resist feasting on a delicious burger now and again! Healthy or not, fast food burgers remain a favorite dish of many. Download this amazing sample, and customize it within minutes, to make your customers drool!



Falling asleep on the sheets that do not just feel soft, but look nice too, is double a pleasure! Use this wonderful Bedding mockup to make your clients dream of the sweet night sleep. Feel free to try out any designs and palette in Photoshop.


Apple Watch

The latest smartwatch is a gadget many of us crave for. Try out this top class mockup, to draw massive attention to your graphic project. The file is free, and can be adjusted to your needs in no time!

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Paperbag Shorts

A paper bag design of shorts is perfect for sunny weather and a playful mood. Speak out to all fashion lovers out there using this fabulous mockup. The variety of colors and patterns you can apply to it is endless!


Noodles Cup

Noodles in a cup is a fast and hot meal we all may give for on some of the busiest days. A catchy design of a cup is what can draw the buyers’ eyes to a simple dish. Save this free file now, and enjoy some quick editing in PS.



Remember those good old times when getting a cassette with the favorite or latest tracks was a big deal? Share the retro vibes and bring out a nostalgic mood in all those who used to play the cassettes using this fabulous free mockup!

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Those who enjoy wearing bandanas, will love the look of this cool mockup! A bandana can be both practical and stylish at the same time. Save this file free of charge, and run Photoshop to customize it for your online store or other needs.


Phone Case

Not only a protection, but also a stylish accessory, a phone case is something we all need and use. Amaze your customers with the smart look and different designs.  Save this free mockup, and adjust it in PS. 



It’s not enough to just create a catchy poster – the place where you put it matters, too. If you can’t take a cool professional photo, this poster scene mockup will certainly come in handy. Soft colors of a street and a comfy armchair give it a relaxed vibe. Save the free file, and have fun applying your designs to it!

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Shopping Bag

Using a comfy cloth shopper is one of many possible ways to show your care for our planet. Download this free mockup of a shopping bag to attract all those who lead an eco-conscious life. You will enjoy top quality graphics and a realistic look.


Swim Ring

Imagine yourself chilling out in a pool, on top of a huge swim ring with a cocktail in your hand… Even if you aren’t five, grabbing a ring can add fun to your summer swim. For sure, your customers think so too! Download this free adjustable mockup, and amaze everyone with cool designs.



The variety of possible designs and patterns you can apply to a simple plate is endless. From minimalistic white to playful and colorful, the plates can complete the look of your dish. Save this quality mockup for free, and enjoy adjusting it with PS.

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Women’s Sweatshirt

A comfy sweatshirt is something you can find in any girl’s wardrobe. Download this photo realistic mockup to get dozens of new orders. Although we love the wonderful sky-blue color, you can try out something different in Photoshop.


Toilet Paper

No one can deny they need this thing several times each day. Save the free mockup of realistically looking toilet paper rolls, and use it for whichever reasons. PS will help you to change the design of the packaging.


Essential Oil

Massages, a relaxing aromatherapy, making cosmetics – the reasons to use the essential oils are multiple. Download this beautiful essential oil mockup to use for your online shop or a website. A green leaf adds a sweet natural vibe to it.

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School Backpack

A cool school backpack is something every kid is proud of! Save a free mockup presented here, and run Photoshop to try out different colors and patterns. Your young customers will love them.


Baby Bottle

Both moms and little ones will be enchanted by the sweet design of this baby bottle mockup. Soft colors and a cartoonish unicorn can put a smile on anyone’s face. Save the free file, and try out other images with the help of PS. 


Wrapping Paper

Won’t you agree that a beautiful package can easily boost a festive mood? Download this free wrapping paper mockup, and have fun changing its look in Photoshop. A few fast clicks can make it ready for any occasion, be that a birthday or Christmas.

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We hope that in our unique compilation you’ve found a perfect mockup for your business or other needs. Save it in a click free of charge, and have lots of fun with customization in Adobe Photoshop.


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