20 Free 404 Error Pages to complete design!

Here you can see a lot of examples of free PSD & HTML 404 Error pages to complete your web design and make it perfect.

Error 404 or Not Found page it is a standard HTTP response code that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server can’t find the data according to the request.

Error 404 should not be confused with the error “Server not found” or other errors that indicate the restriction of access to the server. Error 404 indicates that the requested resource may be available in the future, but that does not guarantee the availability of the content of the former.

When a person wants to go to a new page, the browser accesses the server to the one conveyed its contents to him. If the site is running, but the requested URL was not found page, the server reports a 404 error.

As the web page can be accessed either by reference or by opening a browser bookmark, or by a set of characters in the address bar of your browser, then there isn’t many causes of error 404.

For example, when you type in your browser address bar was a misprint, or unfinished last letter, the link leading to a page that is outdated or not correct, page has been moved, and the automatic movement of the visitor to the new address is not configured, the necessary page was deleted.

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404 Error Page



404 Error Page Design



Freebie: Clean Elegant Error Page PSD Template



404 Error Page



Notification Bars



404 Error Page PSD Template



404 Page



404 Error Page PSD Template freebie



404 Page



Free 404 Error Page Vectors



Fuel 404 Page not found web and mobile template



Blue Pattern 404 Page Not Found Mobile Web Template



Poses 404 Page not found mobile web template



Woody 404 Page not found Mobile Website Template



Free HTML 404 Error Template



Free Monster 404 Error Page Illustration



HTML/ PSD 404 page



HTML/ PSD 404 page



404 Error Template



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