83+ Best Apple product mockups

During its lifetime, Apple have released and now is producing a variety of computers (desktop, portable, compact), set-top boxes, displays, phone iPhone, tablet iPad, music players iPod, computer mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, digital cameras, base stations Wi-Fi, software, etc., and provides services for users over the Internet.

Do you remember how it all started? There was a time when nobody knew anything about Apple. There was no materials, no magazines, no sites for the company from Cupertino. But one winter day in February 1977 the very first article about Apple was printed.

Nowadays, Apple is one of the best and the most requested company of the world. Millions of people are waiting for launching of the new gadget on the market.

Free PSD Templates have collected for you this big and multipurpose collection of 83+Best apple mockups in PSD for  designers and creators.

No matter, you work in a big company or freelance is your business, you need such presentational mockUps to show that your work is beautiful, creative and necessary. Easily improve your skills and be absolutely original.

Feel free to use them for your private and commercial use. They all were made in layered PSD mockups, that’s why you can easily change content, text, elements and anything you want!

Your client can be satisfied with the results of your work. So, spend some minutes and look through these iMac PSD Mockups and MacBook PSD mockups!

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The article was updated in February 2019.

MacBook Pro – Free PSD Mockup


Free MacBook Air Mock-up in PSD

Very beautiful PSD mockup can help you, your client, company or product be exclusive and original. The Mock-Up is fully layered and well organized. You are free to download this PSD MockUp template and modify it the way you wish.


3 Free MacBook Pro / iPhone XS / Apple Watch Mock-ups in PSD


Office iMac Workstation PSD Mockup


Screens With iMac Pro – 2 FreePSD Mockups

This Free Screens with iMac Pro mockup can be good for implementing a lot of designers ideas as well. The Mock-Up is fully layered and well organized. You are free to download this PSD MockUp template and modify it the way you wish.


MacBook Pro/ iPhone XS Design Mockup


– High Resolution 6000: x 4000 pixels – 200 DPI – Adjustable Background Colour – Compatible with Photoshop – Easy to edit Smart Objects – Bonus Light & Dark Clay Renders


iMac – Free PSD Mockup


Laptop Screen Mockup


  • High Resolution 3800×2800px
  • Changeable Screen Design via Smart Objects
  • Changeable Background Texture & Color
  • Changeable Device Color via Fill Layer
  • Works great for Light, Colorful and Dark Designs
  • Depth of Field PS Action: Focus on details of your design
  • Easy to use: Organized and named layers
  • Separated Shadows / Moveable Objects
  • Fully Customizable / Unlimited Variations
  • 12 Photoshop Files / PSD Mockup
  • 8 Textures included
  • User Guide / Help File (Illustrated PDF)

Required: Adobe CS4+


Free Fully Customizable iMac Pro Mockup PSD


Responsive Mockup Designer Desk

20 Different HQ Presentation
Image size: 4000×2700
Fast & Easy Editable via smart object
High Quality & Resolution
100% Photorealistic
Organized Layers and folders
User Guide Included


Free Design Studio MacBook Pro Mockup PSD


Multi Devices Responsive Website Mockup Vol. 2

  • 20 PSD files
  • High Resolution 4000×2500 px
  • All objects placed on separate layers
  • Costumization via Smart Object
  • Organized Layer
  • On/off Light effect (specular)
  • Available for transparent background
  • Cangable color background
  • Layered PSD files
  • Instruction included (.PDF)


Mac Air Free Mockup


Macbook Pro Creative Mockup

7 PSD files Hi Res 6400×4800 Wallpaper included


iMac Vintage Scene Free Mockup Second Edition


iMock-Up Variety Set 2

iMock Up Variety SET 2

– Main file included 25 .psd files – Easy design change – Smart Objects – 4 Color Presets – Size: 2400×1350 px / 72 dpi / RGB Mode.


iMac & Macbook PSD Flat MockUp Free

A flat design version of the iMac and Macbook in a psd vector mockup template. Use the smart layer to drag and drop your design on the screen. This is a great way to showcase your flat design projects.



MacBook Pro 13 Mockup

  • Fully layered PSD’s of MacBook Pro 13 with Touchbar
  • 11 Scenes
  • Easy editing via Smart Objects
  • Resolution 4000×3000 pixels in 300 DPI
  • Resolution of MacBook screen – 2880×1800 pixels
  • Drag and drop Objects from any scene to another
  • Transparent layers
  • Realistic editable reflections and shadows
  • All objects in every scene can be moved and scaled as you like without losing quality
  • Help PDF included


iMac PSD Mockup template Free PSD

iMac Psd Template is a very realistic iMac vector shape psd mockup. You can easily apply your own graphics on the screen with the use of smart layers. The iMac mockup comes in 3 different views, fully-scalable.



Desktop Mockup

  • 7 PSD Files with different view (3000×2000 pixel)
  • Fast editing with smart objects
  • Separated all objects and shadows
  • Very easy to edit in Photoshop
  • ON / OFF / Edit specular effect
  • Available to change background color
  • Help File included.PDFNotes:
  • Images in this preview are not included


Responsive Monitor Mockup

  • 05 PSD files
  • High Resolution 4000×2500 px
  • All objects placed on separate layers
  • Costumization via Smart Object
  • Organized Layer
  • On/off specular/highlight effect
  • Available for transparent background
  • Cangable color background
  • Layered PSD files
  • Instruction included (.PDF)


Apple MockUP 27″ MockUp PSD Template

Created with full vector shapes and smart objects, the mockup is a fully scalable file.  The iMac template is designed on a 7000 pixels background, large enough to showcase your designs on the screen.



Multi Devices Responsive Website Mockup

  • 10 PSD files
  • High Resolution 4000×2500 px
  • All objects placed on separate layers
  • Costumization via Smart Object
  • Organized Layers
  • On/off specular/gloosy effect
  • Available for transparent background
  • Changeable color background
  • Layered PSD files
  • Instruction included (.PDF)


Photoshop display Free



Macbook Free PSD Mockup



6 Free Macbook Air PSD templates

These minimal laptop devices have been stripped down to their bare essentials to make your work the center of attention. Using these templates, you can quickly create photo-realistic mock-ups of your work at any size.



8 image templates Vertex Theme Free PSD

Vertex Theme has a homepage Post Slider with an image that slides up from bottom to top. Our demo uses beautiful transparent png images to utilize its functionality in the best way possible. With these 8 free slider templates you can create perfectly sized png images for the Vertex Theme slider. Check out some examples below made from these templates and download the PSD package to get started!



Laptop Web App mockup Bundle

  • Mobile web mockups
  • Website Screen for Web and App Design
  • App Screenshot mockups/li>
  • Fully customizable results and looks
  • Different Scenes and light conditions to show your design
  • High Resolution Files to make your own close ups
  • Different angle shots and light settings
  • Close Up Files included
  • Fast edition via Smart Objects
  • Photorealistic results


Responsive Screen Mockup Pack

Smart-layers allow rapid replacement of screenshots. Once you update the smart-layer, all devices running that screenshot are instantly updated!

This pack contains 28 devices, 8x iPad, 8x iPhone 4S, 8x iPhone 5, 3x Apple iMac and 1x Macbook. In the single PSD file comes all original devices, along with 8 premade examples


Free New Thinner MacBook Air 2018 Mockup PSD, Ai & EPS


Devices – Responsive Web Mockups

16 modern device mock-ups ideal for responsive web design showcase, application design, UI/UX design or even photography presentation. Set contains iPhone, iPad, Macbook and iMac mock-up device objects.

You can use one of 16 included device compositions or create your own with carefully prepared device smart objects designed for easy customization. You can also switch background for any of 33 included colorful backgrounds to match your design. Using your own background is just as easy.


Nimble Theme Slider 8 PSD templates

Nimble Theme Slider uses a combination of slide titles and featured images. Our demo uses beautiful transparent png images for this combination to work in the best way possible. With these 8 free slider templates you can create perfectly sized png images for the Nimble Theme. Check out some examples below made from these templates and download the PSD package to get started!



Free iMac PSD Templates to Professionally MockUp your website design

This download includes the iMac at three different angles along with a few device mock-ups for multi-screen presentations. Made entirely out of vectored shape layers and scalbale layer styles, these can be re-sized with no loss of quality.



8 Free iPad PSD Templates

Check out the actual size below and a preview of each template that ships with this package. If you are looking for more device mockups, then our iPhone, iMac and MacBook Pro templates make perfect companions to these tablet devices.



Web Showcase Mockup

This innovative package mock-ups is designed to show your Web or App screenshot in an elegant, attractive & unique way.

  • 3 psd files
  • Pdf Help file included


Responsive Screen Mockups

  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iMac
  • MacBook Pro
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C


Maac Mockup Creator

Create your own iMac Screen mockup in moments. Replace your Screen,desktop, wallpaper or web design on iMac and present your design. There are stylish floating screens to present multiple screens at once. 10 PSDs that comes with 10 different angles of iMac. All that with Smart Object Replacement for screens to be replaced to make your life easier…


Free Macbook Pro PSD templates

These minimal laptop devices have been stripped down to their bare essentials to make your work the center of attention. Using these templates, you can quickly create photo-realistic mock-ups of your work at any size.



Macbook Air Fully Scalable PSD For Free Download

Today we are giving away an awesome freebie yes, it is a mock up design of Macbook Air. As you can see it is well-crafted Psd From cssauthor. You can download the source file from the below link.



MacBook Pro MockUp Free PSD



Responsive Screen Mockup

A responsive screen mockup to display your website on all popular devices including smart phone, computer, laptop & on a notepad.
This Mockup Pack contains +100 ready to use views, Also you can create your own scene from 6 different Devices, Each device have multiple views and colors to choose from.

  • IMac
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook 2015
  • IPhone 7
  • IPad Pro


Responsive Website Devices and Screen Mockups

A responsive screen mockup template to display your website on all popular devices including smart phone, computer, laptop & on a notepad.


Mac Pro Screen Mockup

  • 21 Unique Mockups MacBook Pro
  • Ultra Realistic
  • Different Perspectives & Closeups
  • High resolution: 5000×3333px and more
  • Easy to use with Smart Objects
  • Photorealistic Results
  • JPG and TXT Help


MacBook Free PSD template

MacBook Pro with Retina display resolution of 2880 x 1800 @ 300DPI. This PSD Mockup cover action respects your retina design and renders theMacBook Pro around your full 2880 x 1800 resolution design so you can then use the render as is or scale it down yourself (please note, previews on this site are scaled).



MacBook Pro with Retina Displays PSD Free

Fully layered Retina MacBook Pro, is a super contribution from talented designer Nick Herasimenka. Being fully scalable, this is a handy tool to have in your arsenal. Enjoy!



Macbook Pro – 15 Scalable Mock-Ups

This is 15 scalable, pixel-perfect and photorealistic mock-ups of MacBook Pro with Retina display. Use it as you want 😉



Mac Mock-up

You could use it for header, mockups good to use for design applications or web pages, presentations, gallery presentations and more. Created for web designers, to preview their designs and websites in a professional and photo realistic way. Just insert your design in a smart object – image will fit in the screen.


5 PSD Mockups Business Wooden Office

Clean and bright environment with wooden table and writing accessories. Suitable for presenting your designs on different devices such as iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and watch. Easy to use because of smart layers. Ready to present your work. Enjoy it!

  • 20 PSD files
  • Format: Layered PSD
  • PSD dimensions: 3088×2056 px
  • Smart Objects: Yes
  • Screen sizes: ᶫ iMac: 5120×2880 px ᶫ MacBook Pro: 2560×1600 px ᶫ iPad Air 2: 2048×1536 px ᶫ iPhone 6 Plus: 1920×1080 px ᶫ Watch: 312×390 px


Lap Top & Screen Mockup

  • 10 HQ PSD Presentations
  • Easy and fast editing via Smart Objects
  • Photorealistic results
  • High resolution: 6140×3000px
  • 2 background image included
  • Help file


Display Screen Mockup

Layered psd-files of display screen mockup. It comes in 6 different views. Vector smart object allows to scale it up to the desirable resolution without losing quality. Perfect to show your newest wallpapers, websites or apps.


The Big Laptop Mockup

  • 5 different views, photorealistic results
  • The color of the monitor is reflected on the laptop
  • High resolution 5500×3900 px @ 16 bit, for maximum customization
  • Screen resolution is 2880×1800 px
  • Suitable for print
  • All the elements are separated: background, shadow, laptop, monitor, glass, two separated bank reflections
  • Provided of adjustment layers for quick customizations
  • Easy to edit, replace your image in the green smart object and all views are updated
  • Scale, move, rotate and duplicate each view to make compositions
  • 2 background presets, bright and dark


LapTop Mockup

– 8 mock-ups;
– editable via smart objects;
– easy to use;
– video and text instructions;
– photorealistic results;
– 2400×1600px;


MacBook Template PSD Freebie

Feel free to use this mockup in any of your projects (I own all rights to this) and let me know if you’d be interested in seeing more of these kind of templates.



Retina Freebie PSD

You can never have enough right? I wanted something a bit more glossy with some alternative reflections and a view over the keyboard, so if you want it take it 🙂 2x is available. Cheers!



MacBook Air MockUp Free PSD

PSD resolution is 2400x1600px and the smart object is native Air dimensions of 1440x900px. iPad and iPhone versions coming soon!



Vectorized Apple Retina Macbook Pro Free



Macbook Pro MockUp Free PSD

Macbook pro Mock up – it’s an awesome way to show  your website or web based application.



MacBook On the Floor Free PSD

You can use the mockup to show case your design or presentation on Apple Scereen with photorealistic effect and soft blur. Add your image inside the smart object and enjoy you work.



Free MockUp Macbook PSD



Free MockUp Macbook PSD



MacBook Pro Retina Freebie

A high resolution and fully editable PSD (including interfaces) with 200+ individual layers. Included are PNGs and icons for both Windows and Mac OSX.



Freebie Macbook air

A sweet little mockup for showing off your work, PSD resolution is 2400x1600px so should be plenty of pixels in there! Everything fully editable via smart objects and layer adjustments…

main (1)


Macbook Pro and coffe cup MockUp Freebie PSD

Free photo-realistic mockup to showcase your Apps and Web design in a Macbook Pro Display plus you can add your logo in a coffee cup, this psd mockup was made for easy to use, as easy as double clicking and place your design into the Smart-Object.



Free Macbook Pro photorealistic MockUp set PSD

A brand new set of four macbook pro photorealistic mockups. Photoshop files comes with smart objects & filters so its super easy to use and modify. Photo fliters can added or removed to add a personal touch. As always feel free to use it and share.



Free Vintage Macbook photorealistic MockUp PSD

This is an another set of four vintage macbook mockups based on real photographs. The photoshop files contains smart objects so adding your own screens is easy. Photo filters are also included in the file to change the vintage look. Perfect to use in presentations, web design or even for advertising purposes. Hope you all like it, and don’t forget to share it.

macbook-vintage-blog-0 (1)


Macbook Air MockUp Free PSD

A fresh summer inspired Macbook Air mockup PSD for showing off your work. I’m working hard on iPhone and iPad versions so those should be live in a week or so! Thanks for downloading and spreading the word.



Free iMac Photorealistic MockUp Set

This is a set of four imac high resolution photorealistic mockups. All the Photoshop files include smart objectsso its easy to use and modify. Photo fliters can added or removed to add a personal touch. As always feel free to use it and share.



Free PSD MockUp templates



Flat Devices MockUps Freebie



Shadow Series Apple Devices

Checkout this mock up I did, it include an awesome dark metallic effect added to iMac, iPsd, and Macbook Pro, I included smart layer for you  guy to add in your screenshot.  Go ahead download the PSD from the download button below or checkout the HD preview by clicking on the thumbnails below.



iMac MockUp Free

If you don’t have an iMac lying around or you simply don’t want to go through the trouble of taking pictures then you can use this mockup to display screens…



Mackbook Photo MockUp

Beautiful high resolution photography based MacBook Pro mock-up ready for presentation of your design projects in one click via Photoshop smart objects. It’s fast and easy to use – just double click on a proper layer (PROJECT HOLDER) and paste your image.



Two Macbooks on One Screen Freebie

Newest psd with two MacBooks – one of them is especially for you, second one is already taken. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.



3 Macbook Air with Prespective MockUp Screen

The MacBook Air screen mockup allows you to display your most recent work with a realistic high resolution stock image, the PSD includes 3 stock images from unsplash  with the ability to to edit the screen using smart layer. You can download the PSD from the download button below, you can also preview the HD preview by clicking on the larger thumbnails.



MacBook Air MockUp freebie PSD

Another Macbook mockup from my vacation last week, shot in Tuscany. Really fresh and vibrant color palette for showing off your cool design work.

main (1)


Enjoy the article and make the right choice! We are trying to be interesting for you. Good luck!

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