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Top 30 Time-Saving Free Photoshop Actions

Photoshop is a one-stop solution for those web and graphic designers who are looking for a photo and image editing tool. Though Photoshop is an excellent tool which allows creating beautiful graphics from scratch or improving photos unrecognizably, sometimes the process takes too much time and efforts.

A lot of designers would give an arm for a magic wand that would help them simplify some actions an achieve the results in one or two clicks instead of 5-6. Good news is that there are a lot of such magic wands and they are called Photoshop Actions.

A Photoshop Action is a recorded sequence of commands in Photoshop program which after downloading helps you automatically achieve the desired effect in one click instead of time-consuming manual actions. One of the benefits of Photoshop actions is that they can be saved, shared and downloaded, so everybody can easily apply them towards pictures and photos in other design projects. There is a huge variety of actions, but all of them are mainly focused on the following aftereffects:

  • Color enhancements;
  • Retouching effects;
  • Black and white effects;
  • Vintage effects;
  • HDR effects.

We have carefully analyzed and picked the best time-saving free Photoshop actions which can be downloaded right now and serve your design or photography needs. Grab these helpful Photoshop actions in order to make your graphic design life easier. If you have not yet installed Photoshop, feel free to Get Photoshop as part of a Creative Cloud single-app plan for just US$20.99/mo

Prism Effect Free Photoshop Action

Transform any image or photo into an amazing picture with prism effect in just one click. Download this free action and enhance your design!

Top 30 Time-Saving Free Photoshop Actions


Please, be careful with applying this or that Photoshop action. Each action was created to achieve desired effect within the specific design project. It may not fit your project properties and the result may differ from your expectations.


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