20+ Premium and Free New Fonts for Web Design Projects 2019

Are you looking for awesome free web fonts for a website design project or landing page design, or a mobile app design, etc? It might become a tough task to find high-quality free web fonts which you can easily apply to your project without any attribution or donating or paying for. Today’s collection is dedicated to some fresh, high-quality and free for web fonts.

When it comes to web design, most of the designers are usually concerned about are where to take high-quality original graphics and what fonts to use to make the website design stand out from the crowd and, make the content legible and easy-to-read.

The font is an important design element of any web design. People usually don’t pay attention to fonts, unless they are hard-to-read and illegible and are not pleasing. The font is essential for website branding and overall look. A good-looking legible font can increase conversion, while illegible fonts can lead to high bounce rate, when visitors leave a website once landed on it.

The collection below includes 20+ premium and free fonts which are perfect for using on a website, for headings and body text, for captions, call-to-action text, navigation menu, etc.  If you are looking for 2 or more fonts to use in your website design, then read the article about font pairings and how to choose perfect pairing fonts for a design which would not conflict but rather complement each other. Looking for some legible free fonts for your web design needs? Here is the collection of the most legible premium and free fonts for both body and display text.

Whether you are looking for high-quality free mockups for creating design presentations, then take advantage of our photo-realistic, minimalist and multipurpose free mockups in PSD.

Fjalla One


Beatrice Display

Beatrice Display is a sans-serif font for headings that features contrast with hairline horizontal strokes.


Fivo Sans Typeface | Free Font Family




Shapes Typeface | Free Font


Jade Font Family

Jade font family that contains 3 weights in regular and italic styles. Thanks to squareish design, it’s a perfect option for both web and print design projects.




Disappear Font




Gerald Sans Font – Geometric Modern Typeface


Montrell Serif Typeface


Ethan Serif 8 Font Family Pack


Lostfield Sans Font


Monerd – Simply Sans Serif


Alyssum Font


Gracey Font


Effort Font High-Tech




Burnarby Sans


Adamant Typeface


Opinio – Sans serif family



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