New 20+ Free Photoshop Plugins Every Designer Should Have

In our previous article, we have discussed top 30 time-saving free Photoshop actions, and today, we are going to tell you about some new and time-tested free Photoshop plugins which every designer should have in his arsenal of auxiliary tools inside of Photoshop.

Photoshop plugins are third-party addons which extend Photoshop possibilities by providing additional image editing and improvement effects.

Photoshop plugins & filters take multiple and diverse functions in the process of design and photography editing. Here are 4 types of Photoshop plugins which perform the most important functions within Photoshop:

  • Image Retouching & Editing;
  • Filters & Effects (3D, light effects etc.);
  • Organization and workflow;
  • Plugins with access to additional resources (images, fonts, patterns and textures, icons, etc).

We have carefully examined and picked up some new and time-tested free Photoshop plugins for designers and photographers. With these helpful free plugins and filters, your Photoshop will become a powerful full-fledged tool that is able to turn any photo or graphic into a creative piece of art.

Get Photoshop as part of a Creative Cloud single-app plan for just US$19.99/mo

If you have never installed Photoshop plugins before, then here is a detailed explanation on how to install plugin in Photoshop.


Type: Access to additional design resources (Fonts).

Cost: Free

This free plugin allows quick access to multiple fonts and allows fitting them on your design prior to applying.

Google NIK Collection

Type: Photo Retouching & Editing, Filters & Effects.

Cost: free 30-day trial ($69 after 30-day trial)

NIK collection of 7 useful plugins for photographers. It was available for free, but after being acquired by DxO you can use it for free no longer than 30 days. These plugins provide a wide range of features for the improvement of colors, light and image quality:

  • Retro filters & effects;
  • Monochrome filters;
  • Noise removal;
  • Image sharpening;
  • HDR effects;
  • Noise removal;
  • Hue and tone effects.


Type: Organization and workflow

Cost: Free (Demo version)

With the help of Renamy plugin, designers can save a lot of time on the giving names to multiple layers you create in the process of design. You can select a lot of layers and rename it in 1 click. Demo version has limitation for name list (only 5 items), while full version (for $9.99) has no limitations.

3D Shadow

Type: Filters & Effects

Cost: Free

This free plugin helps in creating 3D shadows for various design elements and figures, like numbers, shapes, letters, etc.


Type: Organization & Workflow

Cost: Free

Griddify is a godsent for designers, as it provides an intuitive and easy panel for composing and managing custom grid systems.


Type: Image Retouching & Editing

Cost: Free

Ximagic helps to reduce noise in 7 different ways, depending on image type.

Harry’s Filters

Type: Filters & Effects

Cost: Free

Harry’s filters allow applying 70 different filter effects to your images. Extension

Type: Access to additional design resources (Fonts)

Cost: Free

This plugin allows browsing and downloading fonts from right from your Photoshop program.


Type: Organization & Workflow

Cost: Free

It allows working with several layers at once and saves your time working in multi-layered projects.


Type: Organization & Workflow

Cost: Free

A great free plugin which will do the technical tasks, such as generating detailed documentation and specs of your designs to developers, for you.

Getty Images

Type: Access to additional design resources (Images)

Cost: Free

Access easily to thousands of images, graphics, illustrations and videos right from Photoshop with the help of Getty Image free plugin.

Subtle Patterns

Type: Access to additional design resources (Background patterns)

Cost: Free

The plugin provides free access to multiple free background patterns which you can easily integrate into your design.

The FX Box

Type: Image Retouching & Editing

Cost: Free

Need to turn pixel shapes into vector ones? With this free Photoshop plugin it will become a piece of cake for you.

B\W Conversion

Type: Filters & Effects

Cost: Free

Turn your photos into high-end black & white artworks with the help of filters of this free plugin.

Long Shadow Generator

Type: Filters & Effects

Cost: Free

The plugin helps to create a long shadow in the most professional way.

ON1 Effects

Type: Filters & Effects

Cost: Free

Multiple filter effects in one powerful plugin for creative results.

Virtual Photographer

Type: Organization & Workflow

Cost: Free

You can easily add such effects like black and white, high contrast, polarization with an ease.



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