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20 Free Business Icons

Who told you that business projects should look reserved and informal? Today we’d like to present a list of 20+ free Business icon sets that can add style, color and creativity to your presentations, printing and online graphics. Since below there are packs on marketing, startups, leadership, teamwork and many other topics related to business, we are sure that you’ll easily pick the icons perfect for your goals and needs.

Provided by professional websites, including and all free bundles stand to the highest standards of graphic quality. The vector format will allow you to edit the images quickly and easily in your favorite graphic software. Start scrolling through our diverse list, and save any icon bundle free of charge.


A schedule, a credit card, a firm handshake and a working team – this awesome set of free icons has got all you need and much more for a business related blog or a social media account. Simple yet eye catching linear images will gain attention of your audience. Save the whole pack in a click, and run PS to adjust the icons for your needs.



Unique, dashing and inspiring – startups have the future! Save this smart pack of 20 Startup icons to use for your printing or graphic needs. Each image is available in a linear and a colored option. Make your leaflets, flyers or a website look modern and bright!


Business Strategy and Digital Marketing 

We love the unique style and soft yet catchy colors of this icon set. All images are joined with the topic of digital marketing and smart business strategies. Here you can find an apt icon for all your bright ideas. Save the pack for free in a click.

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With the popularity of crypto currency growing by day, you surely can make good use of these free professional icons. Save all icons in one top quality bundle, and benefit from using them for your graphic and printing projects.


Doodle Office Objects

Any successful business provides the workers with a convenient and cozy working space. Save this awesome pack that depicts the objects one can find in any modern office. Created in doodle style, they will please the eyes of your colleagues and clients alike.


Business and Finance

This icon pack includes various objects connected to the theme of business and commerce. Simple clean shapes and reserved colors will look apt on any web page or on printed materials. The set is free and can be easily edited in graphic software.

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This free bundle of icons is all about money, payments and finance. From credit cards and bitcoins to a wallet and a piggy bank – you’ll find it all in one file. You can choose between a linear or a vivid colored option.



A leader is a driving force of any business. Save this bundle of icons that focuses attention on all leaders, bosses and chiefs out there. Rounded shapes and soft colors make the images look unique. You can pick a linear variant as well.


Hand-drawn Business and Finance

This unusual set of icons looks like doodles will all sketch in our notepads. Simply take a close look – and you’ll definitely find the right image for your business themed blog or a printing project. The pack is free for your downloading.

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Colored Business Management

Take a look at a one-of-a-kind vector set here. All icons gathered in it are connected to the topic of business management. The yellow, green and blue colors that a pro designer chose for this bundle look bright and eye-catching. Don’t hesitate to save the free file now.



Blockchain is a complex yet interesting topic worth exploring. Download this unique Blockchain bundle of icons to add a stylish touch to any projects. Linear or colorful, these images can be easily edited and adjusted in PS.


Business Presentation

Download this free set of presentation icons to reach success. Simplistic line images look interesting matched with the violet color accents. You are welcome to use these icons for presentation or educational blog posts.

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Real Estate

We guarantee that a set of neon Real Estate icons presented here will draw maximum attention to your business. The linear style of images looks modern and creative thanks to the bright colors. Save the free bundle now, and use it for your website, an online account or printed goods.


Small Business

The importance of small businesses can’t be overestimated. They provide a variety of goods and services we can’t imagine our everyday life without. From a pizzeria and a coffee shop to a bookstore and a delivery service – you can find all these and other types of small businesses on this awesome icon set.


Line Business Strategy Icons

This linear set can cover you up in various situations. Presented in minimalistic style, the icons can offer plenty of cool ideas for a blog, a website, or printing. Save them in one click, and have fun with customization.

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This free pack of professional icons on marketing will easily catch the looks of your clients and followers. The smart linear images have variants apt for different topics. Save the whole bundle in a click free of charge.



A smart and well thought-out business strategy is your road towards success. Save the free set of strategy icons for free to add creative accents to your projects. Crafted by a pro, the pack is easy to edit and adjust.


50 Business Icons

Take a look at this massive array of 50 icons. Presented in a colored and a linear variant, they include diverse images related to business topics. The set is free, and can be easily customized for printing or other needs in Photoshop.


20 Business Icons

Simple yet detailed, these business icons include many interesting ideas for any projects. You are welcome to save them free of charge now, and choose between two colored and one B&W variant. The icons will surely draw everyone’s attention.


Teamwork Business

A strong and close-knit team is what can grant success to any business. Download this colorful set of Teamwork icons to draw the eyes of your clients and online followers. The icons are free, and can be adjusted in no time with the help of Photoshop.


Project Management

Use this professional set of Project Management icons to speak out to your team and customers. Crafted by an experienced designer, they combine simplicity with style. The pack can be downloaded free of charge and edited with ease in PS.



The free icons you see on this diverse Marketing set can become a great addition to the web and printing projects. Save them in a click, adjust easily in graphic software, and use to speak out to your target audience.



Today, with a great number of businesses going online the popularity of delivery has risen sky-high. Use this smart icons pack to offer convenient ways of delivery to your customers. The whole bundle is available for free downloading and quick edits.


We’re sure that in this versatile compilation of icon sets you’ve found one or several options perfect for your business needs. Download them now free of charge, and go for fast and enjoyable customization.


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