30+ FREE PSD Icons Packs in Different Formats and for many goals!

We are very glad to draw your attention to our new powerful 30+ FREE PSD Icons Packs in Different Formats and for many goals! Icons are necessary for lots kinds of design, that’s why we think that our new beautiful set of freebies will be very useful for you, your clients or any interesting ideas.

You can easily choose from lots of different icon packs, such as multipurpose free icons, sport and science icons PSD free, social and business icons templates, free PSD icons for Apps and weather design, hand drawn and flat icons design and many other. That’s why you will surely find the best one exactly for your idea.

Quality is the main part of any website creation. The design has to be beautiful, individual and of course very stylish and modern. The latest concepts of web design suggest a stylish and creative typography, which perfectly complements the design and allows you to draw visitors’ attention to the logos, titles, icons or any other details.

While creating a website or mobile app, it is very important to remember about special themed or multipurpose icons. The quality of the website and the results of your work will determine of them. People usually don’t pay big attention to the design of the buttons. The mail idea of all the icons to make your design understandable for your future clients and visitors.

All the Free icons you can download from this collection were created by talented and professional designers. These Icons sets can be customized the way you need after you download them only once. They are fully layered and precisely organized. If you are a designer, if you want to create the best design for your company or just to understand how it works and get some inspiration, these calm and beautiful collection is exactly for you!

Free Dripicons


30 Hairdressing Salon Elements Icons FREE


Christmas Icon Pack PSD


Freebie: Checkout and Delivery Icons FREE

A free icon set related to the checkout and delivery process of e-commerce sites. Designed with an offset-line style and coming in various formats.


88 AI and PSD Building Icons

Cosmo Building contains 88 vector icons in AI and PSD. Raster version is also included as 128×128 sized PNG. These icons are a good choice to use in web, iOS, android, metro style windows 8 and other applications.


Bjango App Icons templates FREE

A comprehensive set of app icon templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Affinity Designer. The templates cover Android, iOS, macOS, Apple TV (tvOS), Apple Watch (watchOS), iMessage, Windows, Windows Phone and web favicons. Where possible, they’re set up to automate exporting final production assets. All free and open source, released under the BSD license.


Glass Drive Icon – Layered PSD

Glass drive icon – every piece of artwork is in the separate, properly named layer. Find out how icons like this are made, simply just by studying this .psd file! Plus to be easily reused, size of the icon is 128×128 px.


Dripicons Weather Set FREE


Minicons Pack – 170 Vector icons + PSD/ CSH)

170 clean & stylish vector icons in multiple formats.

· This pack includes both vector and raster resources and is provided in multiple formats: PSD , AI, CSH , EPS and PNG .

· Easy scale and change color.

· 170 icons in PNG -format (in black and white)

· 3 PSD files with nicely arranged layers

· 1 CSH file (Custom shapes), easy to use with Photoshop

· 1 AI file

· 1 EPS file

· Use them in your various projects (Web, iOS apps, Android apps, …)


Greetings Doodles Hand Drawn Iconset FREE PSD

Download Greetings Doodles Hand Drawn Iconset PSD. This Greetings Doodles Hand Drawn Iconset PSD are the perfect solution for online and printable projects like seasonal Greeting Card, Postcards, Banners, Slides, Websites Icons, Flyers, Magazines, Advertisements, Business cards and so on. This icons are vector made, what means that they are fully scalable to any size you want. They are ready to be edited and used in a matter of minutes in your summer project!


Freebie: Yoga Icons

The Yoga icon set comes in two styles: a simple outline style and a modern colored version. You’ll find many relevant concepts for your next Yoga related project.


Lux – A set of 40 icons (PSD, EPS, PNG)

This set includes the formats:

PSD- full layered photoshop document

EPS-photoshop vector format

PNG-transparent images

These icons have all the layers shapes,so you can scale to any size with psd’s and mainly with eps’s to any size without quality loss.

-40 PSD files

-40 EPS files

-40 PNG files

-Transparent images.pdf

-Help file.txt


Picons Social PSD FREE


29 AI and PSD Culture Icons

Cosmo Culture contains 29 vector icons in AI and PSD . Raster version is also included as 128×128 sized PNG . Icons are a good choice to use in web, iOS, android and other applications.


120+ Free PSD Colorful Icons


Freebie: Science Line Icons

The icon set contains some interesting illustrations of various science based topics like physics, space, biology and chemistry. They come in many useful formats like AI, PSD, EPS, SVG and large PNGs (1024 × 1024). The icons were crafted with careful precision and each icon can be customized in size and color easily.


Monochrome Icon Set – 100% Vector Arts PSD/CSH

» 1 nicely arranged PSD file

» 1 CSH to import the vectors to easily import your photoshop library

» 108 icons in two colors (grey and brown), 32px x 32px

· Clean, stylish and modern icons – 100 % vector arts

· Easily scale and change colors

· Use them in your various projects (apps, web, ios, android…).


Online Business and Finance Icons Free PSD

Download Online Business And Finance Icons Free PSD. Highly detailed and useful Online Business And Finance Icons for everyday use in websites, print templates, presentation templates, promotional materials, info-graphics, web and mobile apps. In PSD File all Icons are in Vector Shape and easily editable.


Homicons Unique Flat Icons – PSD, PNG, EPS, AI

» various formats: PSD, PNG, AI

» 128 icons, carefully handcrafted

· Clean, stylish and professional icons – 100 % vector arts

· Easy scaling and changing the vector icons

· Use them in your various projects (apps, web, ios, android…).


Freebie: Sports & Games Icons

  • 30 different, multi-colored icons
  • Optimized and ready-to-use PNG files in pixel size 128 and 256
  • EPS, SVG, AI and PSD format


Free 20 Logistics Vector Icons

Cosmo Transport contains 45 vector icons in AI and PSD . Raster version is also included as 128×128 sized PNG . Icons are a good choice to use in web, iOS, android and other applications.


Luckicons – 579 Handgrafted Vector & PSD icons

· 579 icons in black/grey [READY TO USE ]

· 579 icons in white/transparent style [READY TO USE ]

· 2 PSD with all glyphs in 2 styles (fully vectorized) + 1 PSD with presets of various colours

· 1 CSH to import them to Photoshop

· 9 AI vector files

· 9 EPS vector files


Icons App Maker PSD Mockups

Create APP icons in a few seconds!

  • Retina ready
  • 20 icon mock-ups
  • Pixel perfect result
  • 10 base sizes icons
  • 8 extra items
  • 1 isometric mock-up
  • Easy to use and customize
  • CC 2015 and above
  • Help file and video tutorial


Red Magnet Icon – Layered PSD

Red MAGNET ICON – every piece of artwork is in the separate, properly named layer.

Find out how icons like this are made, simply just by studying this .psd file!

Used font is Calibri – standard font from Windows System.


68 AI and PSD Medicine Icons

Cosmo Medicine contains 68 vector icons in AI and PSD . Raster version is also included as 128×128 sized PNG . Icons are a good choice to use in web, iOS, android and other applications.


PSD App Icons

  • Organized and grouped layers
  • JPG image | Photoshop PSD Files included
  • Changeable size
  • 12 Elements


167 AI and PSD Food Icons

Cosmo Food contains 167 vector icons in AI and PSD . Raster version is also included as 128×128 sized PNG . Icons are a good choice to use in web, iOS, android and other applications.


Thank you so much for your attention. Have a great day!

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