30+ Free Valentine’s Day Mockups

It’s easy to tell that Valentine’s Day is nearing judging by the amount of red and pink color and the number of cute little hearts covering everything in stores and on the web. We’re certain that you too have several sweet designs ready for the world’s love day. Whether it is a lovely illustration, an adorable pattern or a stylish logo, a cool and professional looking presentation is what will define your success.

In the new compilation below we’ve gathered 30+ top level PSD mockups that will help to visualize any romantic project you prepared for February 14. The mockups of heart-shaped balloons, pillows, gift boxes, adjustable scenes, and a whole bunch of greeting cards can become a great base for any special image or texting. The best part is that provided by such excellent resources as mockupfree.co and free-psd-templates.com, all samples you find on this page are fully customizable and free. Pick any piece, and embrace your creativity as the year’s most romantic day is nearing!


Cuddly and adorable, a heart-shaped pillow is among top popular items gifted on St. Valentines. Get this pro set which skillfully presents a pillow at different angles, and includes a mockup of two soft hearts as well.


Heart-Shaped Card – 4 Free PSD Mockups

It’s hard to imagine the Valentine’s celebration without a bunch of cute heart-shaped cards. This set will provide you with four lovable mockups each featuring one or two little cards. Their sleek shape is perfect for presenting any design.


Free Top View Heart Mockup Template

Make any festive project complete with this impeccable mockup of a heart. Sleek, rounded and eye-pleasing, it can become a great base for any romantic design you have ready for the big holiday. PS will aid you at customizing this piece.

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Gifting a special something to a loved one in a heart-shaped box can make your present twice as adorable and meaningful! This mockup features an excellent package box looking like a big sleek heart; use it to showcase your cute project.


Valentine’s Day Mockup Bundle

It is amazing how many adorable objects are included into this festive mockup bundle! Candy, gifts, balloons, flowers, and of course cards can be moved around in every of the four unique scene creators.

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Free Heart Mockup

Whichever romantic idea you have in mind ready for Valentine’s, it will benefit from a seamless mockup of a heart offered here. The minimalistic look allows applying any designs, writing and palette you can think of.

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Heart Box – Free PSD Mockup

A big flat box looking like a cute heart can hide sweets, clothing items, jewelry and many other things frequently gifted on Valentine’s Day. Get this realistically looking mockup, and set your imagination free while adjusting it in PS.


Free Valentines Greeting Card in Girl Hand Mockup

When looking at this mockup you can imagine a sweet scene where a young girl sitting in a cozy coffee-shop has just opened a special letter sent to her on Valentine’s by a secret admirer. The paper card held in a hand can be an excellent piece for you to use, as the precise detailing makes it look life-like.

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When looking at this mockup you can imagine a sweet scene where a young girl sitting in a cozy coffee-shop has just opened a special letter sent to her on Valentine’s by a secret admirer. The paper card held in a hand can be an excellent piece for you to use, as the precise detailing makes it look life-like.


Free Valentine Table Top Mockup

Get this mockup of a tabletop, and use it as canvas for sweet and in-style themed designs. Warm colors and bokeh lights in the background add romance to the scene. This mockup is free and adjustable in Photoshop.

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Gifting a bunch of cute heart shaped balloons on Valentine’s can brighten up this amazing day! A free mockup of heart-like balloons presented here can come in handy for a festive project you’re working on.


Valentine’s Day Card Mockup

For sure, a bunch of handcrafted plush little hearts adds cuteness to this loveable photo-based mockup. A plain card with a vivid red envelope behind it can be a nice setting for your writing or an image.

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Free Valentine Greeting Card Mockup

Despite being minimalist and simple, this adjustable scene with a plain greeting card in the middle is extra stylish. While tiny confetti hearts and stars look sweet and festive, a wooden pointed pen on the left adds an elegant touch.

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Holiday Card With A Tulips – 6 Free PSD Mockups

Download this changeable photo-based mockup set with a simple greeting card to feature your romantic illustrations and lettering designs. The bi-fold card is presented in three positions on a neutral surface; a lovely bouquet of yellow tulips completes the mockups.



It’s impossible to imagine a special Valentine’s night celebration for two without some chocolate. This lifelike mockup of chocolate bars is an awesome choice for the special projects you have ready for the holiday.


Valentines Day Freebie PSD

Here’s an amazing free find that will certainly come in handy around Valentines! We gladly offer you this festive scene creator with seventeen movable objects including a bunch of bonny hearts, two gifts, and a couple of hearts for you to showcase any designs and writing.

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Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Mockup

Simple and concise, this mockup of a bi-fold card can become a good base for the texting, sweet patterns and images you’d like to feature. The neutral looking background can be quickly changed in Photoshop, too.

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Free Girl Holding Beautiful Greeting Card Mockup PSD

This mockup with a simple card in a girl’s hands looks adorable and cozy thanks to a pink knitted scarf and the charming lights. PS will allow you to apply any writing or a design to the card, try a different palette, and make other changes.

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Feminine Valentine’s Day Card Mockup

Although this mockup scene features only a few items, including two pink flowers, a ribbon, and a bunch of sweet heart-shaped confetti, it looks incredibly charming and engaging. Get this model for free, and present your lovely message on a piece of paper in the middle.

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Use this pro mockup with the small bi-fold cards to amaze everyone with your lettering skills. A masterfully written phrase can look impressive featured on a small card like one of these; however, you can showcase any other creations, too. 


Valentine Heart Mockup

A mockup of a polished heart décor can become a sweet addition to any projects, or serve as a nice basis for your designs on its own. PS will aid at customizing this free model without extra effort applied.

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Heart Shaped Valentines Day Card PSD Mockup

 A small bi-fold card looking like a cute heart is a sure Valentine’s classic. Get this adjustable sample to change the colors, apply any texting and images, and come up with a special addition for your portfolio.

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Free Wine Glass Mockup

As many couples can’t imagine the love day celebration without a romantic dinner, candlelight, chocolate, fruits and wine, we thought that a quality mockup of a wineglass can come in handy for your amazing projects.



Presenting a lovely gift to a loved one in a beautifully decorated box makes it even more festive and thoughtful. This set of package box mockups can be an amazing ground for romantic patterns and texting you’ve created.


Woman Presenting Valentines Day Card PSD Mockup

Keep it simple yet effective with this concise mockup of a bright greeting card with an envelope held in a woman’s hand. Any text or an image you came up with is gonna look amazing when applied to this foundation with the help of PS.

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Get this fantastic mockup of a package box to impress everyone with your unique creations ready for Valentine’s. Whether opened or closed, the box looks equally elegant, and after some enjoyable editing in PS will become an excellent addition to your portfolio.


Wooden Square Photo Picture Frame & Valentines Flowers PSD Mockup

Use this lovable photo-based mockup of a white frame with some sweet field flowers lying beside it. Slight shabbiness adds extra charm to the frame; however, you can change its look and of course place any image inside this base in PS.

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Free Valentine’s Card Mock Up

Use this enchanting scene mockup for your unique romantic project! An amazing combo of a sky blue envelope and tender yellow petals will draw much attention to a design you apply to the blank card in the middle. An old key, wooden hearts and feathers make this image even more atmospheric.

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Free Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Mockup

A cute heart-shaped plush in this mockup will draw everyone’s attention to a message you showcase on a white card on top of it. Aside from the card, the backdrop is fully customizable in PS, too.

We hope that our special collection of romantic items has provided you with an excellent piece for an impressive presentation of a themed design. Feel free to download any sample, apply Photoshop for easy customization, and get a lovely addition to your portfolio.

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